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 "Our only measure of success is client satisfaction"

Working with Adrian was a memorable experience. He has a great eye for composition and detail. I appreciated how every shot had to be the best it could. His post production work is also excellent. The final shots are beautiful. I now have a much greater appreciation of what is involved in being a professional photographer and how hiring one can elevate my work as an architect. The actual process of the shoot, although hard work, was lots of fun. I look forward to working with Adrian again.  Martha Picciotti, Architect, Ventura, CA.


Adrian Valle is that rare and wonderful combination of superb technician and insightful artist. He sees every aspect of a given shot and takes the time to ensure the best possible outcome. As you can see from his portfolio, his work is of the highest order. I recommend him fully. All the best!
Don Bryan, Principal Blue Sky Studio Pasadena, CA.


Adrian you are a true technical artist. You have a keen eye for the details that make a photograph great. You show up on time ready to work, and bring the latest technology in photography to get the job done right. I loved being involved in the process! It is clear that you love what you do, and this passion shows in your beautiful finished photographs. Thank you! Cindy Villarreal - CV Interior Design - Los Angeles, CA.

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Adrian for the photoshoot of an interior design project. He is a highly skilled photographer. He possesses a keen eye for composition, great attention to details and lots of patience. He goes the extra mile to make sure every picture looks professional, engaging and balanced. I feel fortunate to have met him, and will definitely work on more projects with him.

Francesca Cavallin Mead (Principal) SentireDesign LLC, Los Angeles, CA.

Adrian's motto is "Reliable professional service you can depend on" he really nailed all aspects of this sentence. Here is how... Reliable: He completed the project and gave us finished photos exactly on the date he promised us. Professional: He explained every detail of the process, listened to us in order to come with the photos that we exactly wanted. He did this in professional and patiently matter. You Can Depend On: Now we know that we can depend on him for all of our future photo needs since he has delivered excellent product answered all of our request and he was always for us when we needed him. Rashad Aliyev (President) Izercase Inc, Garden Grove, CA.

Adrian; You are a very gifted and talented photographer. I can’t wait until my next project is complete and ready for you to photograph. You have truly helped me to expose the reality of my vision to thousands of people. Best Regards, Mark Houston (Principal), Mark Houston & Associates - Monrovia, CA.

Adrian is truly a gem! With an incredibly talented eye for detail, He’s is able to quickly identify the most beautiful shots that hold the most impact for an interior designer's portfolio. Working with Adrian on a photo shoot is a wonderful experience for several reasons; he captures images that are unexpected and that provide the interior designers with most dramatic effects of their work; he is fast-paced, efficient and respectful of the client's time and resources, providing an impressive product that will promote his client in only the best of light; and with a great sense of humor and personality, Adrian is truly fun to work with. I am so thrilled to have met Adrian and I look forward to working with him again on future projects. With Warm Regards, Amy Levy - Levy Interiors, LLC Pasadena, CA.

Dear Adrian, I want to thank you for the wonderful pictures you took of the house. They are truly superb, you are a true pleasure to work with, I can't wait to work with you again. You are awesome. Thank you so much for everything. Mary Keller, Keller Designs, Temecula CA.

Dear Adrian, thank you so much for your generous donation. You helped us raise almost $12,000 to further our legislative efforts to protect our right to practice interior design and to support the educational, social and environmental work of the ASID Foundation. We really appreciate your support. Sincerely, Deborah J. Davis, ASID President, Los Angeles CA Chapter Chair.

Adrian... That is some beautiful work. I guess I'm biased coming from the architecture industry and I always wanted to pursue a hobby in photography. Your photos are masterpieces. Thanks, Michael Wong Realtor / Investor Ft Bend - Keller Williams Realty Southwest.

Adrian's professional approach to architectural photography has allowed me to build a portfolio on residential renovations that illustrate the quality work of craftsmen I employ to complete my assignments. I have already used Adrian's photos to demonstrate techniques and styles of building to new clients with great success ! Skip Pohl Chandler Designs.      

Hi Adrian, thank you for sending the images of Sandra's work, they look great !   Glad you received a copy of the magazine. I'll be sure to send you copies when the issue is published as well.... Thanks again. Kate Seitz, Managing Editor, Fine Furniture International Magazine.

Hi Adrian, Wow ! ! ! the living room looks fabulous. Your website is very informative and professional. I'm looking forward to working with you again to complete shooting of the house.
Cynthia Jervey, CJ Design Group, Encino CA.

Adrian, how are you ? The photos came out lovely you did a fabulous job. Thank you so much.

Sandra Costa, Sandra Costa Interior Design & Dezino Group.

Adrian, it was a pleasure working with you. The pictures came out better than I could have ever imagined. Your knowledge went beyond the photography and I appreciated all the points you brought up regarding web design and advertising. I feel very lucky to have found you. The overall experience was efficient and professional.  I look forward to working with you on more projects! Thanks for everything! Best regards,

Therese Nguyen - Sand Jewelry Company - Long Beach, CA.

Dear Adrian, I am writing to thank you for the beautiful job you did for me. I searched the Internet for days to find just the right photographer for my products and when I stumbled upon your website I knew you were the one! The advertising shots are fabulous and so creative and all others are just perfect as well. You took the time to explain exactly what you were doing and why so that I now have a clear understanding of photography for both print and web design. I appreciate that very much. I hope to work with you again in the future. Best regards,

Andrea Rose (President) Andrea Rose Inc - Beverly Hills, CA.

Adrian: when I originally contacted you I was under a deadline. My first call to you was a cold call and I was shopping for a company that would turn out quality work within a time frame that would allow me to meet my deadline. Needless to say your work ethic, quality of finished product, efficiency, and honesty were a dream come true. This was really my first major endeavor in dealing with an Internet based company and you delivered!  I will be using your services again for other projects in the future. The bonus of your knowledge not just in photography but also in Internet marketing is an added value that I most appreciate. I only wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors.

David Abrams (President) Grand Jewelers, Ontario, CA. A Family Tradition Since 1961.

Hi Adrian, I just want to tell you that you did a fabulous job on my pictures, they are absolutely beautiful! I am very fortunate that I found an honest, loyal and hard worker like you. Looking forward to many years of doing business together. Thanks for everything.

Zirconique - Fine Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Los Angeles, CA.

Adrian, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you for your help, the pictures were great!! I would definitely give you a call when we expand our business domestically and/or internationally!! I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Best regards, J. Yuda - Valence of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.

Hi Adrian, I am very satisfied with the work. The work looks very professional and upscale. I never imagined that my jewelry will look that good. I will definitely not go to other jewelry photographers. I will come back to get more items photographed.

Capella Campomayor, Little Pearl Box, Los Angeles CA.

Hi Adrian, I just wanted to let you know that the pictures look great and the owner really liked them. I look forward to working with you again soon. Arthur Chaparyan- CornerBlue, Inc. Burbank CA.

Adrian I am a student at Brooks Institute of Photography and for an assignment we are required to get a two day internship with a photographer of our choice. I looked at your website and thought that if I was going to intern with a photographer that it had to be you. I really admire your work and hope to learn from you by being your intern. The internship period is two days and if I could please be your intern for 2 days, that would be absolutely great. Thank you. Sincerely,  Amanda Holden, Student at Brooks Institute of Photography - Santa Barbara, CA.       

Dear Adrian Valle, I am an Indian photojournalist working with ASSOCIATED PRESS, visited your website and I am impressed. I would like to work with you and your team, if given the opportunity to learn on lighting and composition. Regards,  M. Lakshman, Associated Press, Madras India  

Hi Adrian, we are styling agency in New York City and Boston and have recently expanded to LA. I will be out in Los Angeles on appointments next week and would love to meet up with you. Your website looks great and we would love to work with you as we are mostly an advertising/lifestyle agency. Thanks,  Dana Ross, Ennis Inc.

Greetings Adrian, first off I would like to thank you for the amazing job of the pictures for our website. I would definitely recommend your work to other clients but more importantly I hope to ensure we will possibly work on several projects in the near future. Ralph David Prestwood Mgr, Pasadena CA.

Hi Adrian, I have to say that your photography is very beautiful. I really like your personal work, very emotive, very beautiful. I look forward seeing your price range. Best regards, Calvin Pura, Vaughan Benz, Los Angeles CA.

Adrian, your work is very nice. I truly thank you for looking into our public relations firm. Jay was very nice to send  you our way.  All my Best, Christine Anderson, President, Christine Anderson & Assoc. Public Relations.

Your work is beautiful. I especially like the abstracts on your site. Thank you, Mike Evangelist, Drop Off Depot, Photo Equipment Supplies.

How are you? Erika and I were so happy to meet you at the Warner Brothers CineExpo this month. If you ever  need professional print or commercial models, please feel free to contact us. It would be our honor to work with you.  Jennifer Scott, Pro Commercial Model.

Adrian, after leaving a message a few minutes ago, I decided to go to your web site. The site looks great. The images as always are awesome. Your interpretation of the Golden Gate is very, very cool. I really like the entire site, looks awesome. Kevin M. Connors, Coast Highway Photography.

Adrian I was really impressed when I saw your work. You are amazing behind the camera. I have worked with many photographers in the past, but you are the best. John Paul Jones - Los Beltran TV Show- Channel 52 Telemundo Network.

Adrian I just finished looking at the photographs of our annual event, they look great, the action shots are wonderful. It's been a pleasure working with you, thank you so much. Barbara Balik, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Adrian thank you so much for getting the disk of photos to me so promptly !, I really enjoy looking through them, you are extremely talented and the photos where excellent. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with a relatively inexperienced model like me and create some lovely work. Sarah Skilton,  LA Model.

Adrian I'm impressed looking at the images of the car you did for me, they look awesome ! It's an amazing job, thank you.  Ariel Rosso, Owner, Corner Auto Inc.

Hi Adrian, your work is fabulous ! best wishes.   Carla Rigolin Hassett, Singer/Musician.

Hi Adrian, I like the photos for my portfolio a lot, thank you for everything. Samantha Navarro, Make up Artist.

Adrian I have checked the final work, I remember when you shot the girls, I didn't know it would come out so hot. You have a classy touch, good work. Won Kim, Founder of

I Had a moment to check your website and the portfolio, It looks great ! where people go to find a good photographer. Christopher Jones, EPOnline.

I have looked the images and picked out some I really like, I think that you are good to work with and you make your costumers feel welcome and comfortable. Ann Hickey, LA Model.

I have viewed your website and think that your work is truly amazing, I would love to work with you and your team, if given the opportunity. Nikki Hoard, Fashion/Commercial Print Model.

Adrian,... WOW ! I just went to your site, I can't tell you how much I was blown away. I receive visitors to my both in the thousands at every show, 5% are photographers, I try to look at ever website, I see a few that are cut above.....  You are at the top ! Robert de Crevecoeur, Art Photographer.

Dear Adrian, the wonderful photos came yesterday, and of course I was delighted with them, and very grateful to you for sending two sets, a magical day in warm, beautiful September that was, I have told so many people about you, just meeting you that day was a high point for me. Adrian, I hope our path cross again, and thank you so much for your kindness. Ellin M. Sweet, Philanthropist - Portland Oregon.

An acquaintance pointed me to your work and I was impressed by the concert photography, I know how hostile the environment can be without using strobes, great photos of Dick Dale by the way ! best regards. Teal Scott, Art Director.

Adrian, thanks for submitting your work, nice stuff, we will definitely keep it on file for future reference. James Winters, Advertising Executive.

Adrian, your website is something else, and I will pas it on for colleagues to enjoy. Anne Batten, Graphic designer.

Adrian, I just wanted to let you know that I thought that the photo shoots we did together went great, the images are really good, I feel like you handled everything in a professional manner. You took your time with the shoot and you were very eager and exited which provided for a positive environment, thanks. J.R. Grass , LA Print Model.

Adrian, the image looks great ! can't wait to see them all ! thanks. Jennifer Wetzel, L.A. Actress.

Adrian, thank you so much for the pictures, they're great, I really like what you did with the lighting. Clay Winfree, L.A. Model.

Hello Adrian, recently got the chance to review the photos and I love them, they are great you definitely have talent, I really appreciate your work, I like them all, thank you very much for your work.  Jeannena Flores, Model.

Adrian, I received the images and a few I absolutely love I'm using for my comp card, my agent are please with those, you were wonderful, also if new models need a reference I will happily recommend you. Monet Costea, Model.

Adrian, I would be honored to work with you, I viewed your entire website and really love and appreciate the quality of your work, I can see the great skill you have developed within your craft and I'm interested in developing a working relationship with you. I need a great headshot and to develop a high quality portfolio, from looking at your website I feel confident I will get just that. I will look forward to working with you soon. Thomas Charles Barkley III, Classical Dancer, Int. World-Class Martial Artist, Actor/Model.

Dear Adrian, I just wanted to thank you for your time and for my images I just received, looking at the photos I really like what I see, I think that the packaging looks extremely professional, I had a lot of fun shooting with you, lets plan to shoot again. Elizabeth Bertein, Make up Artist.

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